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Ingram offers a wide range of incadescent and LED alarm ligths, strobe alarms, audible alarms, fire and other special purpose alarms and alarm assemblies
10 Watt Alarm Light10 Watt Alarm LightCLX10WT130VBULB, CLX7WT12VBULB, CLX7WT24VBULB, LX10C, LX10GPricing & Details
10-SM10-SMA10-SM, B10-SM, G10-SM, R10-SMPricing & Details
115VAC Sounder115VAC SounderAH115A8G, AH115A8RPricing & Details
115VAC Sounder with 8 Alarm Sounds115VAC Sounder with 8 Alarm SoundsAS115ACG, AS115ACR, AS115ACNSM, AS115ACSM, AS115AC-ASD, AS115AC-KITPricing & Details
12 and 24 Volt Incandescent Bulb Type S-1512 and 24 Volt Incandescent Bulb Type S-15LSA15C15W12V, LSA15C25W24V, LSA15C40W12V, LSA15C40W24VPricing & Details
12 VDC Warble Sound Alarm12 VDC Warble Sound AlarmPW12DB, PW12DRPricing & Details
12, 24 and 130 Volt Incandescent Bulb Type S-1112, 24 and 130 Volt Incandescent Bulb Type S-11LSA11C1W12V, LSA11C25W130V, LSA11C25W24V, LSA11C15W130VPricing & Details
12/24 VDC SunBurst LED12/24 VDC SunBurst LEDVSB1224TA, VSB1224TC, VSB1224TG, VSB1224TR, VSB1224T-ASD, VSB1224T-KITPricing & Details
12/24VDC Alarm Sounder12/24VDC Alarm SounderAH1224D8GPricing & Details
12/24VDC LED SunBurst Light12/24VDC LED SunBurst LightVSBN1224CA, VSBN1224CC, VSBN1224CG, VSBN1224CR, VSB1224C-ASD, VSB1224C-KITPricing & Details
12/24VDC Sounder with 8 Alarm Sounds12/24VDC Sounder with 8 Alarm SoundsAS1224DCG, AS1224DCNSM, AS1224DCSM, AS1224DCR, AS1224DC-ASD, AS1224DC-KITPricing & Details
120 VAC Warble Sound Alarm120 VAC Warble Sound AlarmPW120AB, PW120ARPricing & Details
1200Hz Back Up Alarm1200Hz Back Up AlarmVL0403Pricing & Details
120VAC LED SunBurst Light120VAC LED SunBurst LightVSB120TA, VSB120TC, VSB120TG, VSB120TR, VSB120T-ASD, VSB120T-KITPricing & Details
120VAC LED SunBurst Light120VAC LED SunBurst LightVSBN120CA, VSBN120CC, VSBN120CG, VSBN120CR, VSBN120C-ASD, VSBN120C-KITPricing & Details
120VAC Piezo Warbler120VAC Piezo WarblerAPW120CB, APW120CNSM, APW120CSM, APW120CR, APW120C-ASD, APW120C-KITPricing & Details
120VAC Strobe (Screw-In)120VAC Strobe (Screw-In)S120VACPricing & Details
120VAC Strobe Kit with Screw-In Base120VAC Strobe Kit with Screw-In BaseSK120VACA, SK120VACB, SK120VACC, SK120VACG, SK120VACRPricing & Details
12VDC Piezo Warbler12VDC Piezo WarblerAPW12CB, APW12CNSM, APW12CSM, APW12CR, APW12C-ASD, APW12C-KITPricing & Details
12VDC Strobe Kit12VDC Strobe KitSK12VDCA, SK12VDCR, SK12VDCG, SK12VDCB, SK12VDCCPricing & Details
15-MB15-MBA15-MB, B15-MB, G15-MB, R15-MBPricing & Details
15W Mini Alarm Light15W Mini Alarm LightVMX15CA, VMX15CR, VMX15C-ASD, VMX15C-KITPricing & Details
15W Mini Alarm Light15W Mini Alarm LightVMX15TA, VMX15TR, VMX15T-ASD, VMX15T-KITPricing & Details
15W Mini Alarm Light with Piezo Warbler15W Mini Alarm Light with Piezo WarblerAVPW120CMX15TA, AVPW120CMX15TB, AVPW120CMX15TNSM, AVPW120CMX15TSM, AVPW120CMX15TR, AVPW120CMX15T-ASD, AVPW120CMX15T-KITPricing & Details
15W Mini Panel Alarm Light15W Mini Panel Alarm LightMX-15A, CMXB15, LSA11C15W12V, LSA11C15W24V, MX-15RPricing & Details
24 VDC Silence Module24 VDC Silence ModuleSM24DPricing & Details
24 VDC Warble Sound Alarm24 VDC Warble Sound AlarmPW24DRPricing & Details
24VDC Piezo Warbler24VDC Piezo WarblerAPW24CB, APW24CNSM, APW24CSM, APW24CR, APW24C-ASD, APW24C-KITPricing & Details
24VDC Series RSS Strobe24VDC Series RSS StrobeRSS-24MCC-NWA, RSS-24MCC-NWB, RSS-24MCC-NWGPricing & Details
24VDC Series RSS Strobe24VDC Series RSS StrobeRSS-24110W-NWA, RSS-24110W-NWB, RSS-24110W-NWGPricing & Details
24VDC Wheelock E70 Series24VDC Wheelock E70 SeriesE70-24MCC-NWA, E70-24MCC-NWBPricing & Details
24VDC Wheelock E70 Series24VDC Wheelock E70 SeriesE70-24110W-NWA, E70-24110W-NWBPricing & Details
25-LG25-LGA25-LG, B25-LG, G25-LG, R25-LGPricing & Details
25W Flashing Light25W Flashing LightVMX25FTA, VMX25FTR, VMX25FT-ASD, VMX25FT-KITPricing & Details
25W Flashing Mini Alarm Light with Piezo Warbler25W Flashing Mini Alarm Light with Piezo WarblerAVPW120CMX25FTA, AVPW120CMX25FTB, AVPW120CMX25FTNSM, AVPW120CMX25FTSM, AVPW120CMX25FTR, AVPW120CMX25FT-, AVPW120CMX25FTXPricing & Details
25W Flashing Mini Panel Alarm Light25W Flashing Mini Panel Alarm LightMX-25FA, CMX25MB, LSA11C25W12V, MX-25FRPricing & Details
25W Light with Sounder25W Light with SounderAVS115CLX25SA, AVS115CLX25SB, AVS115CLX25SC, AVS115CLX25SG, AVS115CLX25SNSM, AVS115CLX25SSM, AVS115CLX25SR, AVS115CLX25S-ASD, AVS115CLX25S-KITPricing & Details
25W Mini Alarm Light25W Mini Alarm LightVMX25FCA, VMX25FCR, VMX25FC-ASD, VMX25FC-KITPricing & Details
25W Panel Alarm Light25W Panel Alarm LightLX25A, LX25B, LX25C, CLX25BLB, LSA15F25W12V, LX25G, LX25RPricing & Details
25W Red Alarm Light (Steady)25W Red Alarm Light (Steady)VLX25CA, VLX25CB, VLX25CC, VLX25CR, VLX25C-ASD, VLX25C-KITPricing & Details
25W Red Alarm Light (Steady)25W Red Alarm Light (Steady)VLX25SA, VLX25SB, VLX25SC, VLX25SR, VLX25S-ASD, VLX25S-KITPricing & Details
31 Sound DC Audio Alarm31 Sound DC Audio AlarmAH03127-SPricing & Details
4 Watt Alarm Light4 Watt Alarm LightLXRA, CLX4WT130VBULB, CLX4WT12VBULB, CLX4WT24VBULB, LXRGPricing & Details
40-XLS40-XLSA40-XLS, A40-XLS-40F, B40-XLS, B40-XLS-40F, G40-XLS, G40-XLS-40F, R40-XLS, R40-XLS-40FPricing & Details
40W Flashing Light with Sounder40W Flashing Light with SounderAVS115CLX40FSA, AVS115CLX40FSB, AVS115CLX40FSC, AVS115CLX40FSG, AVS115CLX40FSNSM, AVS115CLX40FSSM, AVS115CLX40FSR, AVS115CLX40FS-ASD, AVS115CLX40FS-KITPricing & Details
40W Flashing Panel Alarm Light40W Flashing Panel Alarm LightLX40FA, LX40B, LX40FC, CLXB40, LX40FG, LX40FRPricing & Details
40W Red Flashing Alarm Light40W Red Flashing Alarm LightVLX40FSA, VLX40FSB, VLX40FSC, VLX40FSR, VLX40FS-ASD, VLX40FS-KITPricing & Details
40W Red Flashing Alarm Light40W Red Flashing Alarm LightVLX40FCA, VLX40FCB, VLX40FCC, VLX40FCR, VLX40FC-ASD, VLX40FC-KITPricing & Details
60W Panel Alarm Light60W Panel Alarm LightLX-60SA, LX-60SC, LX-60S-Fil, LX-60S-LED, LX-60SRPricing & Details
7-XS7-XSA7-XS, B7-XS, G7-XS, R7-XSPricing & Details
A-AF-X-15T7DC130VA-AF-X-15T7DC130VA-AF-A-15T7DC130V, A-AF-B-15T7DC130V, A-AF-C-15T7DC130V, A-AF-G-15T7DC130V, A-AF-R-15T7DC130VPricing & Details
A-BL5-X-40A15A-BL5-X-40A15A-BL5-A-40A15, A-BL5-B-40A15, A-BL5-C-40A15, A-BL5-G-40A15, A-BL5-R-40A15Pricing & Details
A-CL-X-25T7DCA-CL-X-25T7DCA-CL-A-25T7DC, A-CL-B-25T7DC, A-CL-C-25T7DC, A-CL-G-25T7DC, A-CL-R-25T7DCPricing & Details
A-CL2-X-6S6DCA-CL2-X-6S6DCA-CL2-A-6S6DC, A-CL2-B-6S6DC, A-CL2-C-6S6DC, A-CL2-G-6S6DC, A-CL2-R-6S6DCPricing & Details
A-IL-X-25T7DCA-IL-X-25T7DCA-IL-A-25T7DC, A-IL-B-25T7DC, A-IL-C-25T7DC, A-IL-G-25T7DC, A-IL-R-25T7DCPricing & Details
A-ILMB-X-15T7DCA-ILMB-X-15T7DCA-ILMB-A-15T7DC, A-ILMB-B-15T7DC, A-ILMB-C-15T7DC, A-ILMB-G-15T7DC, A-ILMB-R-15T7DCPricing & Details
A-LPL-X-6S6DCA-LPL-X-6S6DCA-LPL-A-6S6DC, A-LPL-R-6S6DCPricing & Details
A-LWL-X-15T7DCA-LWL-X-15T7DCA-LWL-A-15T7DC, A-LWL-B-15T7DC, A-LWL-C-15T7DC, A-LWL-G-15T7DC, A-LWL-R-15T7DCPricing & Details
A-MPL-X-967XA-MPL-X-967XA-MPL-A-967X, A-MPL-R-967XPricing & Details
A-PLMB-X-40A15A-PLMB-X-40A15A-PLMB-A-40A15, A-PLMB-B-40A15, A-PLMB-C-40A15, A-PLMB-G-40A15, A-PLMB-R-40A15Pricing & Details
A-PLX-X-40A15A-PLX-X-40A15A-PLX-A-40A15, A-PLX-B-40A15, A-PLX-C-40A15, A-PLX-G-40A15, A-PLX-R-40A15Pricing & Details
A-ST#X-15T7DCA-ST#X-15T7DCA-ST#X-15T7DCPricing & Details
A-TL-R-40A15A-TL-R-40A15A-TL-A-40A15, A-TL-B-40A15, A-TL-C-40A15, A-TL-G-40A15, A-TL-R-40A15Pricing & Details
A-TLMB-X-30A15A-TLMB-X-30A15A-TLMB-A-30A15, A-TLMB-B-30A15, A-TLMB-C-30A15, A-TLMB-G-30A15, A-TLMB-R-30A15Pricing & Details
AC/DC - 120 VAC WarbleAC/DC - 120 VAC WarblePB-120APricing & Details
AC/DC - 5-24 VAC WarbleAC/DC - 5-24 VAC WarblePB-024-ADPricing & Details
AE-SI-X-120AE-SI-X-120AE-SI-A-120, AE-SI-B-120, AE-SI-G-120, AE-SI-R-120Pricing & Details
DC Rotating BeaconDC Rotating BeaconARB1215DA12V15W, ARB1215DG12V15W, ARB1215DR12V15WPricing & Details
Fast Beep AC/DC Sound AlarmFast Beep AC/DC Sound AlarmPB624ADFB-XPricing & Details
Fast Beep Sound AlarmFast Beep Sound AlarmPB120AFB-XPricing & Details
FL-120VFL-120VFL-120VPricing & Details
Flashing 15 Watt Alarm LightFlashing 15 Watt Alarm LightLX15FC, LX15FGPricing & Details
Floyd Bell - 120 VAC Warble Floyd Bell - 120 VAC Warble BE-MW-09-201-QPricing & Details
Floyd Bell - 12VAC Continuous Floyd Bell - 12VAC Continuous BE-MC-09-201-QPricing & Details
Floyd Bell - 5-16 VAC Continuous Floyd Bell - 5-16 VAC Continuous BE-MC-09-516-QPricing & Details
Floyd Bell - 5-24 VAC Continuous Floyd Bell - 5-24 VAC Continuous BE-MW-09-531-QPricing & Details
LED Pilot LightLED Pilot LightCHND16-22DS/4 110V- AMBER, CHND16-22DS/4 110V- BLUE, CHND16-22DS/4 110V- GREEN, CHND16-22DS/4 110V- RED, CHND16-22DS/4 110V- WHITE, CHND16-22DS/2 12V- AMBER, CHND16-22DS/2 12V- BLUE, CHND16-22DS/2 12V- GREEN, CHND16-22DS/2 12V- RED, CHND16-22DS/2 12V- WHITE, CHND16-22DS/2 24V- AMBER, CHND16-22DS/2 24V- BLUE, CHND16-22DS/2 24V- GREEN, CHND16-22DS/2 24V- RED, CHND16-22DS/2 24V- WHITEPricing & Details
Made to Order Alarm AssembliesMade to Order Alarm AssembliesMade to OrderPricing & Details
Medium Loud Continuous AC/DC Sound Alarm PB120AMC-XMedium Loud Continuous AC/DC Sound Alarm PB120AMC-XPB530ADMC-XPricing & Details
Medium Loud Warble AC/DC Sound AlarmMedium Loud Warble AC/DC Sound AlarmPB524ADMW-XPricing & Details
MiniStrobeMiniStrobeMSN120ACY, MSN120ACC, MSN120ACG, MSN120ACRPricing & Details
Ministrobe LightMinistrobe LightVMS120C, VMS120C-ASD, VMS120C-KITPricing & Details
Ministrobe LightMinistrobe LightVMS120T, VMS120T-ASD, VMS120T-KITPricing & Details
Ministrobe Light with Piezo WarblerMinistrobe Light with Piezo WarblerAVPWMSN120CB, AVPWMSN120CNSM, AVPWMSN120CSM, AVPWMSN120C, AVPWMSN120CR, AVPWMS120C-ASD, AVPWMSN120C-KITPricing & Details
Panel Strobe Alarm Light - 12/24 VDCPanel Strobe Alarm Light - 12/24 VDCSLX-123NA, SLX-123NB, SLX-123NC, SLX-123NG, SLX-123NRPricing & Details
RA-A-VBR-100 XDGRA-A-VBR-100 XDGRA-A-VBR-100 ADG, RA-A-VBR-100 BDG, RA-A-VBR-100 CDG, RA-A-VBR-100 GDG, RA-A-VBR-100 PRG, RA-A-VBR-100 RDGPricing & Details
RA-A-VC-100 XDGRA-A-VC-100 XDGRA-A-VC-100 ADG, RA-A-VC-100 BDG, RA-A-VC-100 CDG, RA-A-VC-100 GDG, RA-A-VC-100 PRG, RA-A-VC-100 RDGPricing & Details
RA-A-VP-100 XDGRA-A-VP-100 XDGRA-A-VP-100 ADG, RA-A-VP-100 BDG, RA-A-VP-100 CDG, RA-A-VP-100 GDG, RA-A-VP-100 PRG, RA-A-VP-100 RDGPricing & Details
RA-A-VXBR-100 ADGRA-A-VXBR-100 ADGRA-A-VXBR-100 ADGPricing & Details
Silence Module AdapterSilence Module AdapterSMADPPricing & Details
Solid State AC FlasherSolid State AC FlasherSSF150WPricing & Details
Spa AlertSpa AlertAVPW120CXFTRPPricing & Details
Strobe, Xenon, 12 to 80VDC, 1/2Strobe, Xenon, 12 to 80VDC, 1/2" NPT, maleCTO15B-A, CTO15B-C, CTO15B-RPricing & Details
Strobe, Xenon, 120VAC,  E26 Screw BaseStrobe, Xenon, 120VAC, E26 Screw BaseCTO15A-A, CTO15A-C, CTO15A-RPricing & Details
Strobe, Xenon, 120VAC, 1/2Strobe, Xenon, 120VAC, 1/2" NPT, femaleCTO15F-A, CTO15F-C, CTO15F-RPricing & Details
Strobe, Xenon,120VAC, 1/2Strobe, Xenon,120VAC, 1/2" NPT, maleCTO15C-A, CTO15C-C, CTO15C-RPricing & Details
SunBurst LED Light with Piezo WarblerSunBurst LED Light with Piezo WarblerAVPWSB120CA, AVPWSB120CB, AVPWSB120CC, AVPWSB120CG, AVPWSB120CNSM, AVPWSB120CSM, AVPWSB120CR, AVPWSB120C-ASD, AVPWSB120C-KITPricing & Details
SunBurst LED Light with Piezo WarblerSunBurst LED Light with Piezo WarblerAVPWSBN1224C12V, AVPWSBN1224C24V, AVPWSBN1224CA, AVPWSBN1224CB, AVPWSBN1224CC, AVPWSBN1224CG, AVPWSBN1224CNSM, AVPWSBN1224CSM, AVPWSBN1224CR, AVPWSBN1224C-ASD, AVPWSBN1224C-KITPricing & Details
UL Approved Red 24VDC Series RSS StrobeUL Approved Red 24VDC Series RSS StrobeRSSR-2475C-NWRPricing & Details
Ultra Loud Siren DC Sound AlarmUltra Loud Siren DC Sound AlarmPB628DUS-XPricing & Details
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