11 Pin Relay Socket, DIN rail or surface mounting

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These sturdy sockets are DIN rail or screw mountable and will snugly connect to your octal pin device allowing easy hookup to your electrical/electronic circuit.

By the way.... Some of your applications may require that you mount 8 (octal) or 11 pin devices (such as digital or analog timers and electronic level control devices)  to the front of panels. Normal connector sockets don't lend themselves to this.  It's too difficult to wire them this way.  The best way to do this is to use back sockets, sockets that plug on the back of the device and have wire connection terminals that are accessible from the back.  Ingram Products doesn't carry this type at the moment, but as a courtesy we have created several links here that will send you to the product pages of some folks that do.  They are the P3GA-8 and P3GA-11 manufactured by Omron.  Be aware if you click on these links you will be leaving the Ingram Products website and will have to click the 'back' button or arrow to get back to this page.

Allied Electronics octal back socket

Allied Electronics 11 pin back socket

Mouser Electronics octal back socket

Mouser Electronics 11 pin back socket

Photos of Omron's back sockets:

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This socket securely mounts any of Ingram's 11 pin relays.
DIN rail or screw mountable.
Electrical connection uses screw terminals showing corresponding relay pin number
Will work with any 11 pin relay.
Rated 10A, 250VAC and is touch safe
UL recognized and CE certified

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