IS Relay,4 chan.,120VAC,surface mnt,10K Ohm senseIS Relay,4 chan.,120VAC,surface mnt,10K Ohm senseISR4S-120A-R-10KPricing & Details
IS Relay,4 chan.,120VAC,surface mnt.,50K senseIS Relay,4 chan.,120VAC,surface mnt.,50K senseISR4S-120A-R-50KPricing & Details
IS Relay,4 chan.,Latch,120VAC,DIN rail,10K senseIS Relay,4 chan.,Latch,120VAC,DIN rail,10K senseISR4R-120A-L-10KPricing & Details
IS Relay,4 chan.,Latch,120VAC,surf. mnt.,10K senseIS Relay,4 chan.,Latch,120VAC,surf. mnt.,10K senseISR4S-120A-L-10KPricing & Details
JB57 Junction BoxJB57 Junction BoxJB57Pricing & Details
KEP-KE610-F10KEP-KE610-F10KEP-KE610-F10-AC120Pricing & Details
LC-3 Flow Monitor with Pump Run VerificationLC-3 Flow Monitor with Pump Run VerificationALC-3Pricing & Details
LC-4 Flow Monitor with Level DiscriminatorLC-4 Flow Monitor with Level DiscriminatorALC-4Pricing & Details
LED Alarm Light  LED Alarm Light "The Versi-lux"LX60PAA, LX60PBB, LX60PGG, LX60PRR, LX60PWWPricing & Details
LED Bulbs, E12 BaseLED Bulbs, E12 BaseLT20CE123C9120A, LT20CE123C9012DA, LT20CE123C9024DA, LT20CE123C9120G, LT20CE123C9012DG, LT20CE123C9024DG, LT20CE123C9120R, LT20CE123C9012DR, LT20CE123C9024DR, DISCONTINUED - LT20CE123C9120W, LT20CE123C9012DW, LT20CE123C9024DWPricing & Details
LED Pilot LightLED Pilot LightCHND16-22DS/4 110V- AMBER, CHND16-22DS/4 110V- BLUE, CHND16-22DS/4 110V- GREEN, CHND16-22DS/4 110V- RED, CHND16-22DS/4 110V- WHITE, CHND16-22DS/2 12V- AMBER, CHND16-22DS/2 12V- BLUE, CHND16-22DS/2 12V- GREEN, CHND16-22DS/2 12V- RED, CHND16-22DS/2 12V- WHITE, CHND16-22DS/2 24V- AMBER, CHND16-22DS/2 24V- BLUE, CHND16-22DS/2 24V- GREEN, CHND16-22DS/2 24V- RED, CHND16-22DS/2 24V- WHITEPricing & Details
LED Strobe Magnetic LightLED Strobe Magnetic LightZTD032EPricing & Details
Level Controller with Analog + Float DetectionLevel Controller with Analog + Float DetectionALC-5Pricing & Details
Level Controller with Bubbler subsystemLevel Controller with Bubbler subsystemALC-1Pricing & Details
Level Controller with extended I/OLevel Controller with extended I/OALC-6Pricing & Details
Liquid Level Control Relay - LL SeriesLiquid Level Control Relay - LL SeriesLLA, LLC, LLD, LLF, LLO, 120A, 12A, 24A, 240APricing & Details
Made to Order Alarm AssembliesMade to Order Alarm AssembliesMade to OrderPricing & Details
Mechanical Interlock, NC1-09-NC1-32Mechanical Interlock, NC1-09-NC1-32CH-NC1-CJX2-09Pricing & Details
Mechanical Interlock, NC1-40-NC1-65Mechanical Interlock, NC1-40-NC1-65CH-NC1-CJX2-40Pricing & Details
Mechanical Interlock, NC1-80-NC1-95Mechanical Interlock, NC1-80-NC1-95CH-NC1-CJX2-80Pricing & Details
Medium Loud Continuous AC/DC Sound Alarm PB120AMC-XMedium Loud Continuous AC/DC Sound Alarm PB120AMC-XPB530ADMC-XPricing & Details
Medium Loud Warble AC/DC Sound AlarmMedium Loud Warble AC/DC Sound AlarmPB524ADMW-XPricing & Details
Mini Space HeaterMini Space HeaterMHS-15Pricing & Details
Miniature Power RelayMiniature Power RelayCH-JQX-13F(D)/120-2Z61, CH-JQX-13F(D)/120-2Z6, CH-JQX-13F(D)/024-2Z6, CH-JQX-13F(D)/024-2Z61Pricing & Details
MiniStrobeMiniStrobeMSN120ACY, MSN120ACC, MSN120ACG, MSN120ACRPricing & Details
Ministrobe LightMinistrobe LightVMS120C, VMS120C-ASD, VMS120C-KITPricing & Details
Ministrobe LightMinistrobe LightVMS120T, VMS120T-ASD, VMS120T-KITPricing & Details
Ministrobe Light with Piezo WarblerMinistrobe Light with Piezo WarblerAVPWMSN120CB, AVPWMSN120CNSM, AVPWMSN120CSM, AVPWMSN120C, AVPWMSN120CR, AVPWMS120C-ASD, AVPWMSN120C-KITPricing & Details
Mounting bracket for 5 Amp BatteryMounting bracket for 5 Amp BatteryMB-1205AHPricing & Details
Mounting Bracket for Optimum or Press/Vac PumpMounting Bracket for Optimum or Press/Vac PumpMTLBKTPricing & Details
Mounting FlangesMB-06-2Pricing & Details
Multi-function Analog TimerMulti-function Analog TimerH3C-RPricing & Details
Multi-function Analog Timer w/External Start, GateMulti-function Analog Timer w/External Start, GateH3C-R11Pricing & Details
Multi-function Digital TimerMulti-function Digital TimerH5CLR-8Pricing & Details
Multi-function Digital TimerMulti-function Digital TimerH5CLR-11-1248, H5CLR-11-120Pricing & Details
Multi-Range Digital TimerMulti-Range Digital TimerAH4CN-R-1248_AC/, AH4CN-R-100-240VPricing & Details
Octal Relay Socket, DIN rail or surface mountingOctal Relay Socket, DIN rail or surface mounting10FF-2Z-C3Pricing & Details
Panel Mounting Bracket for HR10WB3Panel Mounting Bracket for HR10WB3HRMTBKTPricing & Details
Panel Strobe Alarm Light - 12/24 VDCPanel Strobe Alarm Light - 12/24 VDCSLX-123NA, SLX-123NB, SLX-123NC, SLX-123NG, SLX-123NRPricing & Details
Pilot Enclosure, 1 holePilot Enclosure, 1 holeCH-NP2-B01Pricing & Details
Pilot Enclosure, 1 hole, yellowPilot Enclosure, 1 hole, yellowCH-NP2-J01Pricing & Details
Pilot Enclosure, 2 holePilot Enclosure, 2 holeCH-NP2-B02Pricing & Details
Pilot Enclosure, 3 holePilot Enclosure, 3 holeCH-NP2-B03Pricing & Details
Power Supplies, Switching, 10 Watt SeriesPower Supplies, Switching, 10 Watt SeriesDRA10-12Pricing & Details
Power Supplies, Switching, 18 Watt SeriesPower Supplies, Switching, 18 Watt SeriesDRA18-15, DRA18-05Pricing & Details
Power Supplies, Switching, 30 Watt SeriesPower Supplies, Switching, 30 Watt SeriesDRA30-48Pricing & Details
Power Supplies, Switching, 60 Watt SeriesPower Supplies, Switching, 60 Watt SeriesDRA60-12, DRA60-48APricing & Details
Power Supply, Switching, 10 Watt Output, Class 2Power Supply, Switching, 10 Watt Output, Class 2DN-10-12, DN-10-24Pricing & Details
Power Supply, Switching, 100 Watt OutputPower Supply, Switching, 100 Watt OutputDN-100-24, DN-100-12Pricing & Details
Power Supply, Switching, 20 Watt Output, Class 2Power Supply, Switching, 20 Watt Output, Class 2DN-20-12, DN-20-24Pricing & Details
Power Supply, Switching, 240 Watt, 24 Volt OutputPower Supply, Switching, 240 Watt, 24 Volt OutputDV-240-24Pricing & Details
Power Supply, Switching, 40 Watt Output, Class 2Power Supply, Switching, 40 Watt Output, Class 2DN-40-12Pricing & Details
Power Supply, Switching, 60 Watt Output, Class 2Power Supply, Switching, 60 Watt Output, Class 2DN-60-12Pricing & Details
Pre-asembled Plastic LED Flush PB, 1 contactPre-asembled Plastic LED Flush PB, 1 contactCH-NP2-EW3161-110, CH-NP2-EW3161-12, CH-NP2-EW3161-220, CH-NP2-EW3161-24, CH-NP2-EW3161-36, CH-NP2-EW3161-48, CH-NP2-EW3161-6, CH-NP2-EW3361-110, CH-NP2-EW3361-220, CH-NP2-EW3361-36, CH-NP2-EW3361-48, CH-NP2-EW3361-12, CH-NP2-EW3361-24, CH-NP2-EW3361-6, CH-NP2-EW3461-110, CH-NP2-EW3461-12, CH-NP2-EW3461-220, CH-NP2-EW3461, CH-NP2-EW3461-36, CH-NP2-EW3461-48, CH-NP2-EW3461-6, CH-NP2-EW5461-110, CH-NP2-EW5461-12, CH-NP2-EW5461-220, CH-NP2-EW5461-24, CH-NP2-EW5461-36, CH-NP2-EW5461-48, CH-NP2-EW5461-6, CH-NP2-EW3661-110, CH-NP2-EW3661-12, CH-NP2-EW3661-220, CH-NP2-EW3661-24, CH-NP2-EW3661-36, CH-NP2-EW3661-48, CH-NP2-EW3661-6Pricing & Details
Pre-assembled 40 mm Metal  Mushroom, 1 ContactPre-assembled 40 mm Metal Mushroom, 1 ContactCH-NP2-BC21, CH-NP2-BC22, CH-NP2-BC31, CH-NP2-BC42Pricing & Details
Pre-assembled 40 mm Metal  Mushroom, 2 ContactPre-assembled 40 mm Metal Mushroom, 2 ContactCH-NP2-BC33, CH-NP2-BC45, CH-NP2-BC44, CH-NP2-BC55Pricing & Details
Pre-assembled 40mm Plastic  Mushroom, 1 ContactPre-assembled 40mm Plastic Mushroom, 1 ContactCH-NP2-EC31, CH-NP2-EC32, CH-NP2-EC41, CH-NP2-EC42, CH-NP2-EC51Pricing & Details
Pre-assembled 40mm Plastic  Mushroom, 2 ContactPre-assembled 40mm Plastic Mushroom, 2 ContactCH-NP2-EC44Pricing & Details
Pre-assembled 60 mm Metal  Mushroom, 1 ContactPre-assembled 60 mm Metal Mushroom, 1 ContactCH-NP2-BR22, CH-NP2-BR21, CH-NP2-BR32, CH-NP2-BR31, CH-NP2-BR41, CH-NP2-BR12, CH-NP2-BR11, CH-NP2-BR62, CH-NP2-BR61, CH-NP2-BR42, CH-NP2-BR52, CH-NP2-BR51Pricing & Details
Pre-assembled 60 mm Metal  Mushroom, 2 ContactPre-assembled 60 mm Metal Mushroom, 2 ContactCH-NP2-BR25, CH-NP2-BR24, CH-NP2-BR23, CH-NP2-BR35, CH-NP2-BR34, CH-NP2-BR33, CH-NP2-BR43, CH-NP2-BR15, CH-NP2-BR14, CH-NP2-BR13, CH-NP2-BR65, CH-NP2-BR64, CH-NP2-BR63, CH-NP2-BR45, CH-NP2-BR44, CH-NP2-BR55, CH-NP2-BR54, CH-NP2-BR53Pricing & Details
Pre-assembled Metal Head LED Pilot LightPre-assembled Metal Head LED Pilot LightCH-NP2-BV63-110, CH-NP2-BV63-220, CH-NP2-BV63-24, CH-NP2-BV64-110, CH-NP2-BV64-220, CH-NP2-BV64-24, CH-NP2-BV65-110, CH-NP2-BV65-220, CH-NP2-BV65-24Pricing & Details
Pre-assembled Metal LED Flush PB, 1 contactPre-assembled Metal LED Flush PB, 1 contactCH-NP2-BW3161-110, CH-NP2-BW3161-12, CH-NP2-BW3161-220, CH-NP2-BW3161-24, CH-NP2-BW3161-36, CH-NP2-BW3161-48, CH-NP2-BW3161-6, CH-NP2-BW3361-110, CH-NP2-BW3361-220, CH-NP2-BW3361-36, CH-NP2-BW3361-48, CH-NP2-BW3361-12, CH-NP2-BW3361-24, CH-NP2-BW3361-6, CH-NP2-BW3461-110, CH-NP2-BW3461-12, CH-NP2-BW3461-220, CH-NP2-BW3461, CH-NP2-BW3461-36, CH-NP2-BW3461-48, CH-NP2-BW3461-6, CH-NP2-BW5461-110, CH-NP2-BW5461-12, CH-NP2-BW5461-220, CH-NP2-BW5461-24, CH-NP2-BW5461-36, CH-NP2-BW5461-48, CH-NP2-BW5461-6, CH-NP2-BW3661-110, CH-NP2-BW3661-12, CH-NP2-BW3661-220, CH-NP2-BW3661-24, CH-NP2-BW3661-36, CH-NP2-BW3661-48, CH-NP2-BW3661-6Pricing & Details
Pre-assembled Metal LED Flush PB, 2 contactPre-assembled Metal LED Flush PB, 2 contactCH-NP2-BW3145-110, CH-NP2-BW3145-12, CH-NP2-BW3145-220, CH-NP2-BW3145-24, CH-NP2-BW3145-36, CH-NP2-BW3145-48, CH-NP2-BW31451-6, CH-NP2-BW3345-110, CH-NP2-BW3345-220, CH-NP2-BW3345-24, CH-NP2-BW3345-36, CH-NP2-BW3345-48, CH-NP2-BW3345-12, CH-NP2-BW3345-6, CH-NP2-BW3445-110, CH-NP2-BW3445-12, CH-NP2-BW3445-220, CH-NP2-BW3445, CH-NP2-BW3445-36, CH-NP2-BW3445-48, CH-NP2-BW3445-6, CH-NP2-BW3545-110, CH-NP2-BW3545-12, CH-NP2-BW3545 220, CH-NP2-BW3545-24, CH-NP2-BW3545-36, CH-NP2-BW3545-48, CH-NP2-BW3545-6, CH-NP2-BW3645-110, CH-NP2-BW3645-12, CH-NP2-BW3645-220, CH-NP2-BW3645-24, CH-NP2-BW3645-36, CH-NP2-BW3645-48, CH-NP2-BW3645-6Pricing & Details
Pre-assembled Plastic LED Flush PB, 2 contactPre-assembled Plastic LED Flush PB, 2 contactCH-NP2-EW3565-48, CH-NP2-EW3165-110, CH-NP2-EW3165-12, CH-NP2-EW3165-220, CH-NP2-EW3165-24, CH-NP2-EW3165-36, CH-NP2-EW3165-48, CH-NP2-EW3165-6, CH-NP2-EW3365-110, CH-NP2-EW3365-12, CH-NP2-EW3365-220, CH-NP2-EW3365-24, CH-NP2-EW3365-36, CH-NP2-EW3365-48, CH-NP2-EW3365-6, CH-NP2-EW3465, CH-NP2-EW3465-110, CH-NP2-EW3465-12, CH-NP2-EW3465-220, CH-NP2-EW3465-36, CH-NP2-EW3465-48, CH-NP2-EW3465-6, CH-NP2-EW3565 220, CH-NP2-EW3565-110, CH-NP2-EW3565-12, CH-NP2-EW3565-24, CH-NP2-EW3565-36, CH-NP2-EW3565-6, CH-NP2-EW3665-110, CH-NP2-EW3665-12, CH-NP2-EW3665-220, CH-NP2-EW3665-24, CH-NP2-EW3665-36, CH-NP2-EW3665-48, CH-NP2-EW3665-6Pricing & Details
Pressure TransmitterJD268-10Pricing & Details
Push Button Switch - EZ-18650-BNOPush Button Switch - EZ-18650-BNOEZ-18650-BNOPricing & Details
Push Button Switch - EZ-18651-NCPush Button Switch - EZ-18651-NCEZ-18651-NCPricing & Details
RA-A-VBR-100 XDGRA-A-VBR-100 XDGRA-A-VBR-100 ADG, RA-A-VBR-100 BDG, RA-A-VBR-100 CDG, RA-A-VBR-100 GDG, RA-A-VBR-100 PRG, RA-A-VBR-100 RDGPricing & Details
RA-A-VC-100 XDGRA-A-VC-100 XDGRA-A-VC-100 ADG, RA-A-VC-100 BDG, RA-A-VC-100 CDG, RA-A-VC-100 GDG, RA-A-VC-100 PRG, RA-A-VC-100 RDGPricing & Details
RA-A-VP-100 XDGRA-A-VP-100 XDGRA-A-VP-100 ADG, RA-A-VP-100 BDG, RA-A-VP-100 CDG, RA-A-VP-100 GDG, RA-A-VP-100 PRG, RA-A-VP-100 RDGPricing & Details
RA-A-VXBR-100 ADGRA-A-VXBR-100 ADGRA-A-VXBR-100 ADGPricing & Details
Redington Hour Meters Redington Hour Meters RE-711-0160Pricing & Details
Relay Dual Channel 12V AC/DC 100K SensitivityRelay Dual Channel 12V AC/DC 100K SensitivityISR2-12-100KPricing & Details
Relay Dual Channel 12V AC/DC 10K SensitivityRelay Dual Channel 12V AC/DC 10K SensitivityISR2-12-10KPricing & Details
Relay Dual Channel 24V AC/DC 100K SensitivityRelay Dual Channel 24V AC/DC 100K SensitivityISR2-24-100KPricing & Details
Relay Dual Channel 24V AC/DC 10K SensitivityRelay Dual Channel 24V AC/DC 10K SensitivityISR2-24-10KPricing & Details
Relay Latching 12V AC/DC 100K SensitivityRelay Latching 12V AC/DC 100K SensitivityISRL-12-100KPricing & Details
Relay Latching 24V AC/DC 100K SensitivityRelay Latching 24V AC/DC 100K SensitivityISRL-24-100KPricing & Details
Relay Latching 24V AC/DC 10K SensitivityRelay Latching 24V AC/DC 10K SensitivityISRL-24-10KPricing & Details
Relay, Latching, 12V AC/DC, 10K SensitivityRelay, Latching, 12V AC/DC, 10K SensitivityISRL-12-10KPricing & Details
Ringer Amplifier, Hi/Lo/Off Ringer, Alert LightRinger Amplifier, Hi/Lo/Off Ringer, Alert LightTA-002Pricing & Details
Round Hour Meter, 115VACRound Hour Meter, 115VACT50A286Pricing & Details
Round Hour Meter, 12 to 48VDCRound Hour Meter, 12 to 48VDCHRM1248ADRSSPricing & Details
Screw Hole PlugsScrew Hole PlugsSHC-020Pricing & Details
Silence Module AdapterSilence Module AdapterSMADPPricing & Details
Solid State AC FlasherSolid State AC FlasherSSF150WPricing & Details
Spa AlertSpa AlertAVPW120CXFTRPPricing & Details
SR Controller HMI DisplaySR Controller HMI DisplaySR-HMIPricing & Details
SR Controller Modbus AdaptorSR Controller Modbus AdaptorSR-MCPricing & Details
SR Controller Remote ControlSR Controller Remote ControlSR-RCA, SR-RCDPricing & Details
SR Controller Telephone/Voice output AdapterSR Controller Telephone/Voice output AdapterSR-VPA, SR-VPDPricing & Details
SR Controller USB programming cableSR Controller USB programming cableSR-DUSBPricing & Details
SR HMI remote mounting kitSR HMI remote mounting kitSR-EHCPricing & Details
SR Remote Control UnitSR Remote Control UnitSR-TCPricing & Details
Stainless LatchStainless LatchSL-001Pricing & Details
Stainless Latches (2 Pack)Stainless Latches (2 Pack)SKU01460Pricing & Details
Strobe, Xenon, 12 to 80VDC, 1/2Strobe, Xenon, 12 to 80VDC, 1/2" NPT, maleCTO15B-A, CTO15B-C, CTO15B-RPricing & Details
Strobe, Xenon, 120VAC,  E26 Screw BaseStrobe, Xenon, 120VAC, E26 Screw BaseCTO15A-A, CTO15A-C, CTO15A-RPricing & Details
Strobe, Xenon, 120VAC, 1/2Strobe, Xenon, 120VAC, 1/2" NPT, femaleCTO15F-A, CTO15F-C, CTO15F-RPricing & Details
Strobe, Xenon,120VAC, 1/2Strobe, Xenon,120VAC, 1/2" NPT, maleCTO15C-A, CTO15C-C, CTO15C-RPricing & Details
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