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Plastic and metal panel indicators and enclosures
22 mm Metal Head LED Pilot Lights22 mm Metal Head LED Pilot LightsCH-NP2-BA9220, CH-NP2-BA9110, CH-NP2-BA9012, CH-NP2-BA9024, CH-NP2-BA9036, CH-NP2-BA9048, CH-NP2-BA9006, CH-NP2-BV/10, CH-NP2-BV/30, CH-NP2-BV/40, CH-NP2-BV/50, CH-NP2-BV/60Pricing & Details
LED Pilot LightLED Pilot LightCHND16-22DS/4 220V- AMBER, CHND16-22DS/4 220V- BLUE, CHND16-22DS/4 220V- GREEN, CHND16-22DS/4 220V- RED, CHND16-22DS/4 220V- WHITE, CHND16-22DS/4 380V- AMBER, CHND16-22DS/4 380V- BLUE, CHND16-22DS/4 380V- GREEN, CHND16-22DS/4 380V- RED, CHND16-22DS/4 380V- WHITE, CHND16-22DS/2 48V- AMBER, CHND16-22DS/2 48V- BLUE, CHND16-22DS/2 48V- GREEN, CHND16-22DS/2 48V- RED, CHND16-22DS/2 48V- WHITE, CHND16-22DS/2 6V- AMBER, CHND16-22DS/2 6V- BLUE, CHND16-22DS/2 6V- GREEN, CHND16-22DS/2 6V- RED, CHND16-22DS/2 6V- WHITEPricing & Details
LED Pilot LightLED Pilot LightCHND16-22DS/4 110V- AMBER, CHND16-22DS/4 110V- BLUE, CHND16-22DS/4 110V- GREEN, CHND16-22DS/4 110V- RED, CHND16-22DS/4 110V- WHITE, CHND16-22DS/2 12V- AMBER, CHND16-22DS/2 12V- BLUE, CHND16-22DS/2 12V- GREEN, CHND16-22DS/2 12V- RED, CHND16-22DS/2 12V- WHITE, CHND16-22DS/2 24V- AMBER, CHND16-22DS/2 24V- BLUE, CHND16-22DS/2 24V- GREEN, CHND16-22DS/2 24V- RED, CHND16-22DS/2 24V- WHITEPricing & Details
Pilot Enclosure, 1 holePilot Enclosure, 1 holeCH-NP2-B01Pricing & Details
Pilot Enclosure, 1 hole, yellowPilot Enclosure, 1 hole, yellowCH-NP2-J01Pricing & Details
Pilot Enclosure, 2 holePilot Enclosure, 2 holeCH-NP2-B02Pricing & Details
Pilot Enclosure, 3 holePilot Enclosure, 3 holeCH-NP2-B03Pricing & Details
Pre-assembled Metal Head LED Pilot LightPre-assembled Metal Head LED Pilot LightCH-NP2-BV63-110, CH-NP2-BV63-220, CH-NP2-BV63-24, CH-NP2-BV64-110, CH-NP2-BV64-220, CH-NP2-BV64-24, CH-NP2-BV65-110, CH-NP2-BV65-220, CH-NP2-BV65-24Pricing & Details
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