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Ingram Products Inc. carries a variety of definite purpose contactors that are low cost alternatives for specific purposes such as HVAC control systems.
1 Pole + 1 NC Aux. Contact1 Pole + 1 NC Aux. ContactCH-NCK3-25/101 120V, CH-NCK3-25/101 240V, CH-NCK3-30/101 120V, CH-NCK3-30/101 24V, CH-NCK3-30/101 240V, CH-NCK3-40/101 120V, CH-NCK3-40/101 24V, CH-NCK3-40/101 240V, CH-NCK3-25/101 24VPricing & Details
1 Pole DP Contactor, Shunt1 Pole DP Contactor, ShuntCH-NCK3-20/1 120V, CH-NCK3-20/1 24V, CH-NCK3-20/1 240V, CH-NCK3-25/1 120V, CH-NCK3-25/1 24V, CH-NCK3-25/1 240V, CH-NCK3-30/1 120V, CH-NCK3-30/1 24V, CH-NCK3-30/1 240V, CH-NCK3-40/1 120V, CH-NCK3-40/1 24V, CH-NCK3-40/1 240VPricing & Details
2 Pole DP Contactor2 Pole DP ContactorCH-NCK3-20/2 120V, CH-NCK3-20/2 24V, CH-NCK3-20/2 240V, CH-NCK3-25/2 120V, CH-NCK3-25/2 24V, CH-NCK3-25/2 240V, CH-NCK3-30/2 120V, CH-NCK3-30/2 24V, CH-NCK3-30/2 240V, CH-NCK3-40/2 120V, CH-NCK3-40/2 24V, CH-NCK3-40/2 240VPricing & Details
3 Pole DP Contactor 20 Amp - 40 Amp3 Pole DP Contactor 20 Amp - 40 AmpCH-NCK3-20/3 120V, CH-NCK3-30/3 120V, CH-NCK3-30/3 24V, CH-NCK3-30/3 240V, CH-NCK3-20/3 24V, CH-NCK3-20/3 240V, CH-NCK3-25/3 120V, CH-NCK3-25/3 24V, CH-NCK3-25/3 240V, CH-NCK3-40/3 120V, CH-NCK3-40/3 24V, CH-NCK3-40/3 240VPricing & Details
3 Pole DP Contactor 50 Amp - 60 Amp3 Pole DP Contactor 50 Amp - 60 AmpCH-NCK3-60/3 120V, CH-NCK3-60/3 24V, CH-NCK3-60/3 240V, CH-NCK3-50/3 120V, CH-NCK3-50/4 24V, CH-NCK3-50/3 240VPricing & Details
3 Pole DP Contactor 75 Amp3 Pole DP Contactor 75 AmpCH-NCK3/3_75Pricing & Details
3 Pole DP Contactor 90 Amp3 Pole DP Contactor 90 AmpCH - NCK3/3_90Pricing & Details
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