SR Remote Control UnitSR Remote Control UnitSR-TCPricing & Details
Stainless LatchStainless LatchSL-001Pricing & Details
Stainless Latches (2 Pack)Stainless Latches (2 Pack)SKU01460Pricing & Details
Strobe, Xenon, 12 to 80VDC, 1/2Strobe, Xenon, 12 to 80VDC, 1/2" NPT, maleCTO15B-A, CTO15B-C, CTO15B-RPricing & Details
Strobe, Xenon, 120VAC,  E26 Screw BaseStrobe, Xenon, 120VAC, E26 Screw BaseCTO15A-A, CTO15A-C, CTO15A-RPricing & Details
Strobe, Xenon, 120VAC, 1/2Strobe, Xenon, 120VAC, 1/2" NPT, femaleCTO15F-A, CTO15F-C, CTO15F-RPricing & Details
Strobe, Xenon,120VAC, 1/2Strobe, Xenon,120VAC, 1/2" NPT, maleCTO15C-A, CTO15C-C, CTO15C-RPricing & Details
SunBurst 12/24V AC/DC LED Alarm Light (A-R-G-C)SunBurst 12/24V AC/DC LED Alarm Light (A-R-G-C)SBN1224ADC, SBN1224ADG, SBN1224ADRPricing & Details
SunBurst 12/24V AC/DC LED Alarm Light - AMBERSunBurst 12/24V AC/DC LED Alarm Light - AMBERSBN1224ADAPricing & Details
SunBurst 12/24V AC/DC LED Alarm Light - BLUESunBurst 12/24V AC/DC LED Alarm Light - BLUESBN1224ADBPricing & Details
SunBurst 120VAC LED Alarm LightSunBurst 120VAC LED Alarm LightSBN120ACA, SBN120ACB, SBN120ACC, SBN120ACG, SBN120ACRPricing & Details
SunBurst LED Light with Piezo WarblerSunBurst LED Light with Piezo WarblerAVPWSB120CA, AVPWSB120CB, AVPWSB120CC, AVPWSB120CG, AVPWSB120CNSM, AVPWSB120CSM, AVPWSB120CR, AVPWSB120C-ASD, AVPWSB120C-KITPricing & Details
SunBurst LED Light with Piezo WarblerSunBurst LED Light with Piezo WarblerAVPWSBN1224C12V, AVPWSBN1224C24V, AVPWSBN1224CA, AVPWSBN1224CB, AVPWSBN1224CC, AVPWSBN1224CG, AVPWSBN1224CNSM, AVPWSBN1224CSM, AVPWSBN1224CR, AVPWSBN1224C-ASD, AVPWSBN1224C-KITPricing & Details
Sunlight Visible 60 LED BulbsSunlight Visible 60 LED BulbsLEDBA120A, LEDBR120APricing & Details
Sunlight Visible LED LampsSunlight Visible LED LampsLSLED-006A120VA, LSLED-006A12VAD, LSLED-006A24VAD, LSLED-006G120VA, LSLED-006G12VAD, LSLED-006G24VAD, LSLED-006R120VA, LSLED-006R12VADPricing & Details
Super Bright LED Cupboard LightSuper Bright LED Cupboard Light102LPricing & Details
TB-100TB-100TB-100Pricing & Details
Toggle Switch - EZ-01-79652Toggle Switch - EZ-01-79652EZ-01-79652Pricing & Details
Toggle Switch - EZ-01-79652OToggle Switch - EZ-01-79652OEZ-01-79652OPricing & Details
Toggle Switch - EZ-01-89652Toggle Switch - EZ-01-89652EZ-01-89652Pricing & Details
Toggle Switch - EZ-01-89652CToggle Switch - EZ-01-89652CEZ-01-89652CPricing & Details
Toggle Switch - EZ-01-89652OToggle Switch - EZ-01-89652OEZ-01-89652OPricing & Details
Toggle Switch - EZ-03-79652Toggle Switch - EZ-03-79652EZ-03-79652Pricing & Details
Toggle Switch - EZ-03-79652LToggle Switch - EZ-03-79652LEZ-03-79652LPricing & Details
Toggle Switch - EZ-03-79652MToggle Switch - EZ-03-79652MEZ-03-79652MPricing & Details
Toggle Switch - EZ-03-89652Toggle Switch - EZ-03-89652EZ-03-89652Pricing & Details
Toggle Switch - EZ-03-89652LToggle Switch - EZ-03-89652LEZ-03-89652LPricing & Details
Toggle Switch - EZ-03-89652M-1DToggle Switch - EZ-03-89652M-1DEZ-03-89652M-1DPricing & Details
Toggle Switch - EZ-38159EZ-38159Pricing & Details
Toggle Switch - EZ-38179Toggle Switch - EZ-38179EZ-38179Pricing & Details
Twin TimerTwin TimerET2-41Pricing & Details
UL Approved Red 24VDC Series RSS StrobeUL Approved Red 24VDC Series RSS StrobeRSSR-2475C-NWRPricing & Details
Ultra Loud Siren DC Sound AlarmUltra Loud Siren DC Sound AlarmPB628DUS-XPricing & Details
Ultra Loud Staccato DC Sound AlarmUltra Loud Staccato DC Sound AlarmPB628DUT-XPricing & Details
Ultra Loud Warble DC Sound AlarmUltra Loud Warble DC Sound AlarmPB628DUW-XPricing & Details
Ultra Loud Warble/Continuous DC Sound AlarmUltra Loud Warble/Continuous DC Sound AlarmPB515DUW/UC-XPricing & Details
Ultra Loud Warble/Continuous DC Sound AlarmUltra Loud Warble/Continuous DC Sound AlarmPB628DUW/UC-XPricing & Details
Water Overflow AlarmWater Overflow Alarm760APricing & Details
Water Overflow Audible Alarm760-DISCONTINUEDPricing & Details
Weekly Programmable TimerWeekly Programmable TimerAPT-9S-100-240V, APT-9S-1248_AC/Pricing & Details
Wide Voltage Multi-range Analog TimerWide Voltage Multi-range Analog TimerH3B-RCPricing & Details
Wireless Water Overflow Sensor w/AlarmWireless Water Overflow Sensor w/Alarm660Pricing & Details
WL-A-31T-115-SGWL-A-31T-115-SGWL-A-31T-115-SGPricing & Details
WL-A-43T-G6-115-SWL-A-43T-G6-115-SWL-A-43T-G6-115-SPricing & Details
WL-A-43T-G6-24-SWL-A-43T-G6-24-SWL-A-43T-G6-24-SPricing & Details
WL-A-MB-G6-12-SGWL-A-MB-G6-12-SGWL-A-MB-G6-12-SGPricing & Details
WL-A-MB-G6-24-SGWL-A-MB-G6-24-SGPricing & Details
WL-A-MT4-115-SGWL-A-MT4-115-SGWL-A-MT4-115-SGPricing & Details
WL-A-MT4-12/24-SGWL-A-MT4-12/24-SGWL-A-MT4-12/24-SGPricing & Details
WL-WBB-SWL-WBB-SWL-WBB-SPricing & Details
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